Atelier is excited to announce that we have added the SNS Dipping Powder Manicure to our menu!

Have you been paying for good looks with poor health? When it comes to nails, that’s the deal millions of women have accepted.

SNS created its Gelous Dipping Powders for a totally new experience of nail beauty. Your nails actually become healthier with every application. There is no UV light required, almost no odors and special ingredients in the formula that nourish and strengthen your natural nails.

As for looks, SNS Gelous Dipping Powders give you head turning beauty that lasts for a good 14 days. Your nails are super strong, yet they feel light and natural.

If you’ve never experienced a Dipping Powder manicure, now’s the time to try!

Artificial Nails

~Pink & White with Tips (pictured above)~

New Set: $65 (2 hour appointment)

Fill in: $45 (1.5 hour appointment)

~Regular Set with Tips~

New Set: $55 (1.5 hour appointment)

Fill in: $40 (1.5 hour appointment)

Natural Nails

~Color Powder Overlay (pictured above)~

$40 (1.5 hour appointment)

Natural Nails

~Pink & White Overlay (pictured above)~

$45 (1.5 hour appointment)

**Color Powder on natural nails is soaked off each time**

**SNS Dip Powder cannot be combined with other products**

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